Stop letting food control your life
in just 12 weeks!

So you never have to diet again,
can eat the foods you love guilt-free,
put an end to bingeing and overeating,
& develop healthy long lasting habits, that stick!


  • Your attempt to be healthy has become a little too obsessive.
  • You cut out everything “diet-culture” tells you to, end up with nothing left (good enough) to eat, now what?
  • You’ve tried all the fad diets, workout programs, meal plans yet here you still are…
  • You’re stuck in the “restrict-binge-guilt-restrict” cycle and feel stuck there.
  • You have a hard time making healthy choices and eat whatever is in front of you.
  •  You’re ready to make peace with food but believe you’ll spiral out of control and gain 10 kg.
  • You’re desperate to eat NORMALLY but think “it might work for them but it’s impossible it’ll work for me.”
  • You think you’re a lost cause, & NEED to follow a specific diet / plan to get your ideal body or feel healthy.

picture this

Just imagine what life would be like if...

You could eat your trigger foods without finishing the whole pack or losing control.

You could truly order what you wanted at the restaurant, not what you think you should.

You didn’t have to come up with yet another excuse to avoid a dinner out with the ladies.

You could add milk to your coffee, or have a bite of the leftover brownies on a Monday, GUILT FREE!

You could go to an impromptu brunch after your workout, without worrying it will ruin the effort.

You didn’t have to count calories, macros or worry about the number on the scale.

You didn’t have to wake up bloated & hating yourself for overdoing it the night before.

You could choose the salad instead of the pizza or say “no” to dessert because you’re not in the mood


The Peace Method

A 12 week self paced online course & live group coaching program

    • Learn to eat intuitively, truly rely on your inner body cues (hunger, fullness, emotions) instead of outside factors like diets, meal plans or food rules.
    • Start trusting yourself around food again, in any situation.
    • Make empowered food choices that make you feel good both mentally & physically.
    • Eat without urgency, guilt, shame, or the need to compensate on a daily basis!

Imagine keeping your trigger foods in the kitchen
without fearing you'll loose control
and finish them all in one seating!

Here's a glimpse into your future...


Find peace with food, your body, and yourself.

The Peace Method is everything you need to:

what's included

Week 1

P for pin point

WEEK 2,3

E for enlighten

WEEK 5,6

A for action

WEEK 7,8,9

C for cope

WEEK 10,11,12

E for enjoy

Ever hear the saying "Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again, yet expecting different results." Well, it's time to try something different & get results (that LAST!)


This is for you if...

This is NOT for you if...

"Whoever is doubting if they should start the program or not, I can honestly say DO IT! Don't think about it twice, you won't regret it."

The investment

The Peace Method is a step-by-step proven-method and 3 months result-driven program, that helps you find food freedom.



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"Keep rocking and spreading your wisdom because that's what your program is, pure magic."

Meet Isabelle

Your Intuitive Eating Coach!

Hi there! I’m Isabelle, French-Danish, born in NYC, live in Madrid where I finally live a life I LOVE, confident, empowered & restriction free.

For years I was so determined to be as healthy as could be that I ended up being the exact opposite.

Like you, I truly love to eat, but I also love to feel good, and yes, you guessed it, look good !

I spent 7 years pursuing my acting /fashion career, and as a result, pursuing what I  thought was my ideal weight.

After years of yo-yo dieting, meal plans, eliminating food groups, chasing my “perfect weight” you know, the normal!(!??) I finally realised this wasn’t the way I wanted to live the rest of my life, and knew there was a way out.

I discovered Intuitive Eating and after LOT of trial and error…

I now eat what I love and love what I eat, never reject a plan in fear of eating too much or the wrong thing and am finally at peace with food, my body and myself. I’m living my life to my full potential, thanks to this new found freedom, peace of mind, confidence & rooted feeling of self worth.

Truly life changing to the point that I now coach girls to find this the same freedom I did (minus all the mistakes!) so they can start living a life they truly deserve.

So...Why Now?


You deserve to…


What will it be? Splurging on the latest iPhone?
 or or your personal freedom and inner peace? 

Want to wake up in 6 months or 1 year from now in the same exact spot, with more food & body anxiety and a slower metabolism, wishing you had taken the leap to change your life when you knew you needed to?


Take action now and start living your best life.

You have questions?
I have answers!

Weight loss may or may not be a side effect. However, this is not a weight loss program, in fact we will be taking the focus away from weight (how you want to look) and onto health (how you want to feel!)  Learning to eat intuitively means learning to listen & respect your body cues – Meaning: No more snacking mindlessly, binges or overeating at every meal. 

There’s no reason you should. Generally the opposite happens. Again, it truly depends on each individual. Part of learning to eat intuitively is giving yourself permission to eat all foods and practice habituation (no longer being affected by your “obsessive” foods.) You might eat what you used to restrict in larger amounts at the beginning as you adjust but this is only TEMPORARY. And I will be here to guide you through it all. There is NO need to fear gaining weight. 

Every. Single. One. Of. My. Clients. (Including myself) Have truly believed that they are the exception – “It might work for others but it wont work for me, I’m a lost cause..”  This is a proven method that has helped THOUSANDS before you. If you show up, do the work  trust the process and let me guide you, you will thrive in no time.

No! Making peace with food ≠ giving up or stopping to care about your health.  It’s NOT an excuse to eat junk all day.  In the long run you are eating less “junk” than when you used to restrict / and binge or overeat. The goal is to learn to eat nutritious foods that make you feel your best, because you want to and not because you think you should.

Remember being healthy is not about only eating “clean foods” its about having a healthy, stress-free relationship with food.

Of course!  This program is about finding what benefits you both mentally and physically.

Of course, you can choose to eat whatever you prefer as you go. You’re in charge, your only job is to listen to your body and allow me to help you through any doubts or fears.

It’s different for everyone. Throughout the 12 weeks you will gain more understanding with each week that goes by. Like anything worthwhile it takes time, practice and patience. Typically around week 4 or 5 you will start to really feel the difference.

Remember- This isn’t another diet: There is no end date, this will be the new roadmap of how you will live for the rest of your life. Constantly learning & adapting feeling more and more comfortable as you go.

No, due to the nature of the product, once you are granted access to the login you have access to the full course hub. Refunds are for programs that don’t deliver & suggest uncertainty in joining the program- Yet you wouldn’t enrol in it if it weren’t the right fit for you ! And that’s just not the type of energy we operate with in the Peace Method Program! 😀

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If you could relate to everything you read on this page, just imagine what you’ll get out of the program.





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