Meet Isabelle

Your Intuitive Eating Coach!

Hi there! Im isabelle, I am French-Danish, born in NYC, and live in Madrid where I finally live a life I love eating all the foods I love.

For years I was so determined to be as healthy as could be that I ended up being the exact opposite.  

Like you, I truly love to eat, but I also love to feel good, and yes, you guessed it, look good !

I spent 7 years pursuing my acting /fashion career, and as a result, pursuing what I  thought was my ideal weight.

After years of yo-yo dieting, meal plans, eliminating food groups, chasing my “perfect weight” you know, the normal!(!??) I finally realised this wasn’t the way I wanted to live the rest of my life. 

I discovered Intuitive Eating and after LOT of trial and error…

I now eat what I love and love what I eat, never reject a plan in fear of eating too much or the wrong thing and am finally at peace with food, my body and myself.

Truly life changing to the point that I now coach girls to find this the same freedom I did (minus all the mistakes!) so they can start living a life they truly deserve.

If you have any further questions,
please contact me!