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Learn to stop feeling out of control with food while letting go of restrictive dieting once and for all!

What’s included?

  • A 1.5 hour long Masterclass teaching you a whole new no-diet approach
  • Worksheets of daily tasks and action steps to keep you on-track

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In this Masterclass you’ll learn: 

How to avoid falling into the yo-yo dieting trap & what to do instead

I will share the truth about what happens when you “go on that one last diet”, why it’s not worth it and why it leads to more self sabotaging behaviours (hello chronic overeating and feeling even more out of control around food!) 

How to get unstuck from the binge-guilt-restrict cycle

You will learn how to get out of this vicious cycle and discover ways to actively reject the diet mentality (change your beliefs, change your behaviours!) through identifying, acknowledging, questioning and reframing. You’ll learn how to start giving yourself full permission to eat (WITHOUT feeling like you’ll go crazy with your trigger foods!)

How to stop overeating at every meal  

You will learn how to quit mindless eating, and start identifying and respecting your hunger cues, what leads to overeating and how to finally feel satisfied (and not go looking for more food to “hit the spot” all afternoon!) 

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